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Those Phantomettes I learned and grew so much as a performer and a person thanks to the amazing members and s Anyone would be so lucky to be a part of this corps, especially with this amazing group of designers!

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1982 DCI Yearbook

Did you see our dci premier in the theater's yesterday? Don't miss your chance to experience iamjoan in person this summer. Our entire summer schedule is online at regiment. Is that Joan? Tonight we had our 3rd and 4th year members stand outside the arc to listen to the corps play our closer, things got emotional to say the least. Regiment19 IAmJoan. The he looks for errors or lack of perfection you see is due primarily uniformity in rudiments, tempo, to long hours of rehearsal; many of volume, accents, attacks and releases, the musicians have musical back- and equipment handling.

Up to 4 points are tors. Ewalua1aion Un Guide pour le Profane excellence training and musician- ship displayed by the percussionists. These scores are shown rides causes qualité, under Exp.

Last year, there were two brass judges for execution tear-down - one for field and one for ensemble- as well as a musical analysis judge who evaluated content and diffi- culty.

This year one judge has been eliminated and the brass caption is reduced to only two subjective categories, as follows. Brass-lndividual points. The individual brass judge will evaluate on-field individual and section performance quality in three subcaptions: tone quality and intona- tion 3 pts.

This except drum majors and those MA caption. This score appears judge evaluates a corps' over-all playing grounded percussion equip- under Brass-Ind. Dropped equipment tion 3 pts. Recaps reproduced in the MA criteria.

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The ensemble score is media, however, add rule errors and added to the individual score for a penalties together in one column, brass total. General Effect points. A corps' Though a score of is ability, showmanship, and originality possible, it is inconceivable that any count, along with audience response corps will reach this level of to the corps.

Worth up to 10 points perfection. However, the point each, the three GE caption scores system does help a corps determine are added to get a GE total. Penalties against perfection. The desires not may be assessed for a variety of only to win but to advance toward infractions.

One of the most com- perfection, coupled with the goal of mon is the failure to perform within presenting the most entertaining the prescribed time limits-a mini- show possible, make drum corps a mum of Corps members, participants and audience alike.

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VA Total Exec. Total Ind. Score Total Fld. No one doubts doctor said 'no. In just four days members and instructors. Watching Garth was chosen by Vanguard of lying in the hospital, my body the two in action, one immediately director Gail Royer. Next year, he went to pot. But toeing been drum major for four years. This Garth's spot was never filled. During each Van- something, you become an in- Last August, it wasn't so clear guard performance, Garth's hat was structor.

You get tough if you have that Garth would someday lead the placed beneath the drum major's to. But when the corps relaxes or California corps. He was lying in a podium. I guess my enthusiasm is one field, it's the drum major who fires surgery three hours to repair a reason they made me drum major. Garth says each member much emotion. But there is emotion He says the drum major does just of the Vanguard hypes himself or as he recalls missing the last of the about everything.

From the horn line's view, your best, and you can always do world title. You don't think about 6. You just try to improve yourself. The audience benefits from that. After all, he has two roles to fill. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy. It means a summer full of hot practice fields, hard gym floors, and steamy, mosquito-filled stadiums.

But to Garth, it's nothing but fun. It's fun to get away from what you do the rest of your life. Director: Gail R. Royer, Bell- flower, 6, Sunnyvale, CA Then when I got to college, some guys told me about them. I applied for the corps, auditioned by tape, and got a call from Wayne Downey to tell me I was a Blue Devil. I had never seen a drum corps in person. Also in his first year, he plays soprano. I was having too much fun to leave it, but I just got too old and had to move up.

I joined the 'B' corps in its first year. I had never played a horn before, but they taught me. I stuck it out because I wanted to be in the 'A' corps. I'm glad I did. It's great. Brass arranger Wayne Downey ing-wise, it's a lot more intense than And I've never seen a corps march likewise gets kudos. Other corps may be drum line around. They are very clean, but no one sounds as good as tasteful and very good. Box lot of credit.

Wes-ern Corps Freelancers may have given the corps some motivation. But Parker thinks it was psychological, too. We got more confident, and decided to be really prepared by the first show. We didn't have to think about rewriting anything. Each year when we didn't make finals, our problems occurred second season. Then, it looked as if the old jinx Inthere were three were going to hold.

Championship Finals. And in Parker says. We knew we improve its placing in finals over its had the product, but had lost the prelim finish was the Freelancers. The the kids more excited. Back inthe Freelancers just Parker Silva was proud of his missed finals. As director Parker Silva young corps members.

The Kilts recalls. I felt So it was back home for the more enthusiasm and just pure joy. The summer.

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Maybe changing the uni- fans went wild. Everyone loves a form would work. Again, it didn't work. In all, the uniform changed four times, but the Freelancers still Placing: 11th.

Then came Repertoire: You Are the Wes1ern Corps Troopers Jim Jones had a dream in From a small regiment kya hai town in Wyoming, he wanted to create a drum and bugle corps that would someday make the finals of the American Legion National Cham- pionships.

What he created was the Troopers of Casper, Wyoming, and as everyone knows, they've done a whole lot more than just make finals. Jim's drum corps experience dates back towhen he went to a Legion convention with his mother and saw his first corps. I said, 'I like that! Finally, in '57, he founded the Troopers. I never figured we'd win the championship. From then on, the corps climbed, becoming more and more popular with crowds every- where. Finally, inthe Troopers picked up their first national title, the VFW championship.

Jones smiles. It's nice to win, but trying to win is the name of the game. Jones really believes it, and that's what he tells the Troopers.

Jones is like a father to the kids, taking an active interest in their lives. It's his Jones' talk isn't idle. In the for kids who want to succeed to be love of kids that has kept him in the beginning he taught the entire around others who want to succeed, activity since And if they do work hard, pay people-it's time off from my job.

They are friendly, march. Though he has an extremely than a tour of the country. They'll nice, and more mature than a lot of talented staff, Jim Jones insists on get a lot of love. They're my friends. I have more in members. Battle Hymn of the Republic. Wesiern Corps. No warning came, either, from the corps' 15th-place finish in class A in Director: Gary Runsten, P.

BoxModesto, CA Seae lmperlials Six of DCl's ten championships have been brightened by the laughing,jumping, dancing presence of the Seattle, Washington, Imperials. After two rather dismal showings in the mid-'70s, Seattle got their act together, placing third in class A in '78 and then moving up to open class to claim membership in the top 25 for three consecutive years.

Clad in jumpsuits that move when they do which is all the timethe Imperials have brought joy to many a fan with their up-beat show. Nidwes1ern Corps Madison Scou1s It is becoming more popular for Derek got started through Madi- up some very valuable time. Derek is the large drum and bugle corps to son Scouts director Scott Stewart. On Monday and Tuesday have a feeder program. Scouts have had one for many years. This year, rehearsal.

Thursday he teaches the about the Scouts' cadet corps, the I found there was another oppor- junior corps. Scouts camps often Madison Jr. Several members tunity to work with them. While most of the who is in high school and has a experience as instructors, not to members of the Scouts are very similar schedule. And there are some mention having a lot of fun.

Derek Chapman, a yeaJ-old join, members of the Jr. They are beginners. And he's very anxious to make sure Scouts. Both say they love almost they learn the right things. Pete has run into a disciple every minute of it. I to produce a good corps and says Chapman, who has spent years heard the snare line had chewed up develop potential members for the in band. Scouts-each got involved for differ- anymore. We teach a lot about When I went in, the kids started ent reasons. Even hyping on what they had done to Pete came up though the Jr.

They got rowdy. When I was in the Jr. You just know it's an exciting one and started building them up by Scouts and a senior corps guy came experience for both young men, talking about pride. I told them to to teach, it was a big lift for us. Scouts takes just get hyped on standing straight.

The junior corps kids aren't there mainly to compete, but to learn-about music, about themselves, and about others. I like being part of that. Director: Scott Stewart, P. BoxMadison, WI They are going to perform the ballet Spartacus, and they are going to do it right. In fact, it's almost as if they consider a warm-up for Inthe Phantom Regiment hired as consultants the head of the theater costuming department at State University of New York and a Broadway choreographer.

And what they've done is something to see. The color guard will carry the story, with the corps playing bit parts the crowd in some scenes and big parts the coliseum in another. Spartacus is a hero of the Thracians, whom the Romans over- ran in 72 BC.

He is brought to Rome as a slave and forced to fight as a gladiator. Surviving that, he or- ganizes his fellow slaves into a revolt to overthrow the Romans. He loses; the Romans crucify him and the other slaves. But in death, Spartacus triumphs as a hero of endurance and the fight for freedom. It's hard enough to do on a stage, and nearly impossible on a drum corps field. But the staff and kids of the Regiment are adamant- not only can it work, it can win. Scott Newborn was called in to choreograph.

Doing a ballet set before Christ, you can't very well carry rifles, and there has to be more than flags. If you say 'Picture a party scene,' you know how it should look. I did the same for Spartacus. In the carnival scene, I had to create that atmosphere, complete with all the colors and Cesario fills that role. Cesario says corps before. Scott Newborn is dancing. In the battle, I had to stage the decision to keep the red capes excited.

Scott's hardest job has been to scheme. Red represents the Romans; Phantom knows it's taking a work within the image of the purple is the rebels. When you see a chance with this.

But the staff and corps-making the movements fit lot of purple, you'll know you're kids are convinced they can win-if the guard, not vice-versa. The guard looking at the slaves. As the show not the championship, at least the is very physical, very hard-working. At hearts of the crowd-by marching a Nobody wanted to change that, but the carnival, where the slaves dance, ballet.

For much of the show, carnival-type colors thrown in. It Placing: 5th. Regiment will use standards, banners, the Romans begin winning the Repertoire: Spartacus by streamers, and cloth-covered hoops.

Box tion of colors was needed, too. Mike tion, something never seen in drumRockford, IL Nidwes1ern Corps Cawaliers The Shepards are a drum corps throwing a flag, but the experience the corps for many years. We've had family. Shepard was a booster that comes from hard work and our ups and downs-everyone knows member of the famous Chicago travel.

Some of the says. You ported us through everything. Not encing iife. This is. This is life. It's not Then, one of Mrs. Shepard's sons bus, I'm headed toward an adven- a chauvinistic statement, but merely joined the Cavaliers, followed by yet ture.

It's not like a museum where one born out of tradition. The another. That was Richard- or Slick, everything is behind glass. This Cavaliers are one of only two to his friends. Now, Slick is marching experience-these people, these remaining all-male drum and bugle his last year with the Rosemont, buildings and towns-you can reach corps left in the United States.

Rich Illinois, Cavaliers, and there is no out and grab. You can touch it, live, doesn't want to see that number other Shepard following. Slick started as over. He's seen it on corps trips, and have them in the audience. They get a cymbal player but decided to wants a chance to see more. Now he is the East is just one adventure I It's mutual.

The Cavaliers do the guard sergeant of one of the best wouldn't have had without drum same for the crowd. In almost every single Softly as I Leave You. However, unique and fearless moves, couples with exciting brass, have helped the Sky Ryders inch up from 31st to 14th in the past four years, and the sky's the limit. Director: Lee Carlson, P. BoxHutchinson, KS Guardsmen After getting off to a slow start in '81, the Guardsmen charged steadily ahead to nearly regain the top status they'd held for four of the past five years.

Though they didn't quite make finals this time, they still turned many fans into anglophiles with their British air and demanding repertoire. Look for the chaps from Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates, Illinois, to make another bid for the finalist spot this year. Director: Ray Harty, 20 N. Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL Equally sharp is the record they've forged for themselves in 10 years. In '81, their late-season surge was not quite enough, but those who know their illustrious and consistent history are betting on their return to the elite dozen in the near future.

Director: Bob Lendman, P. BoxLacrosse, WI Nniah1S A few years ago, the Knights seemed to be in a decline. There, they finished fifth, then second. Expected by many to return for the class A crown in '81, they surprised all by hitting the field bigger, stronger, newly uniformed, and capable of holding their own in open class. Their placing, highest of the top newcomers, showed they were indeed ready for the big- time. Director: Bill Neuleib, P. BoxGeneseo, IL Croix Rivermen, Stillwater, Minnesota, have made great strides since their founding in You just have to feel happy while the Rivermen are performing.

Seemingly happy-go-lucky as the riverboat gamblers of old, they portray an image of visual and musical brightness, leaning toward swinging, lilting tunes and a kaleidoscope of color rajeunir visage humain résumé the field. Director: Sam McCormick, P. Box 83, Stillwater, MN The Midwest teems with entertaining corps-large to small, open-class through class A to cadets. Prospect, IL. It was especially nice to see the resurgence of several Midwestern corps that had been all but defunct prior to the '81 season.

That spirit has taken many forms during In January, it was the spirit of the people that helped to pull the city together during its worst winter storm in years. In April, the spirit shifted to baseball, as the Braves broke a century-long record by winning their first 13 games of the season. The edition of Spirit is out to show the world what a world-class city Atlanta really is. Like the city it represents, the Spirit of Atlanta is updating its image, its style, and its brand of entertainment.

Otherwise, the Spirit of Atlanta is looking forward to a new, more contemporary approach. The corps' emotionally powerful horn line and technically strong drum line will be bolstered by a more unified, total visual presentation and a larger, more sophisticated color guard. Perhaps the most significant change, though, will be in Spirit's repertoire.