It is patches of hyperpigmentation on the face, especially the forehead, upper lip, forehead and tops of the cheek bones. It is not your run of the mill dark spots. It is hormonally driven and has vascular involvement. What does that mean? More commonly known as the pregnancy mask; pregnancy, birth control pills or any hormone changes can cause melasma to show up.

Once you have it, it will be a lifetime battle. Sun is your enem … y, it will cause melasma to darken immediately. Also, the vascular involvement means any heat can cause melasma to flair up as well. Hot yoga Working out at the hottest part of the day, nope. Anything that raises your body temperature and causes the skin to flush will make the pesky patches of dark spots to show up again.

This medical grade peel uses a blend of acids, retinol and hydroquinone to slough off the old skin, smooth imperfections including wrinkles and scarring.

Brightens hyperpigmentation and melasma.

It is pain free and can give you brand new skin in 7 days. It is perfect for all skin tones and types. Usually a series of peels is needed for optimum results. Using a melanin inhibiting product like skinmedica Lytera or in extreme cases a prescription hydroquinone for short term use.

We want to suppress your skins ability to create excess melanin when treating melasma. Lastly, daily use of a Vitamin C serum and nightly use of retinol can get the skin perfected, protected and bright! In case you missed the announcement We are included in the Summer Box add on and edit program. When you make your selections choose UltraViolet! A revolutionary way to retinol! No irritation, redness or peeling; just skin perfecting goodness.

Resurfacing is such an important step in your home care routine. You want all of the anti aging benefits of retinol with zero problems. Smoothing lines, wrinkles, scarring and other imperfections. Stimulating collagen production and thickening the skin; making it look youthful and plump.

The perfect solution is phyto retinol radiance renewal complex ultravioletskincare beultraviolet. The phyto retinol, revital illuminating eye cream, and bionutrient pHoto shield are included in the giveaway!

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She is professional and has so much knowledge. You are in good hands with Marci. I wouldn't trust my skin with anyone else. Afficher la suite. Marci is truly a professional esthetician in every sense of the word ….

And she is a genuinely sweet person! Just try one of her facials I promise you'll be hooked and when you look in the mirror you'll be amazed at what you see. We love you Marci!! Lieux San Diego Santé Service de médecine holistique et alternative Centre de médecine esthétique ultra violet advanced skincare and repair Publications. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page.

You will have a brighter complexion with fewer signs of ageing. Word of mouth recommendations speak volumes for client satisfaction in the work that I do. So lucky to make my clients happy! A sound knowledge and understanding of facial anatomy is essential for a safe and effective aesthetic practice. Choose your cosmeticdoctor wisely.

I understand the face from the skin down to the bone, and how to restore a more youthfu … l and healthy appearance by combining the most appropriate aesthetic treatments.

I want all my clients to be delighted with their results, have improved self-confidence, and feel happy with their choice to have me as their aesthetics doctor. Client feedback Make sure your doctor is experienced, appropriately trained, able to manage complications if they arise, and insured. She attends regular meetings to keep updated with the latest techniques and with managing complications. She is registered with the General Medical Council and is of course insured.

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