Native people have undergone profound upheavals over the past centuries and yet they have survived and made tremendous efforts to save as much as they could of the teachings of their ancestors.

From tradition to modernity, from the Reserve to the cities, cultures, personal identities and lives are complex, fluid, ever evolving and fascinating. Together with our First Nations and Metis partners, friends and advisors, we give visitors epcot rides guardians of the galaxy to explore this intriguing diversity through genuine face to face encounters. The wealth of experiences offered is reflected in the variety of options available: from sleeping in a tipi or in an up-market Native lodge to finding out how traditions and modern life mingle on the Reserves, canoeing, forest walking and discovering nature through Native eyes, learning survival techniques in the wilderness, undergoing a spiritual experience with an Elder, partaking in a pipe or a healing lodge ceremony, being a guest at an authentic Pow-Wow, craft-making, visiting an ancient sundial hidden in the Prairie or a sophisticated Interpretive Center.

The profound humanity, the sense of humour, the warmth and hospitality will stay with you forever. And it is not unusual that a simple cultural trip turns into a deeper journey of personal exploration. Nous organisons des rencontres personalisées entre Autochtones et non Autochtones et cherchons à resserrer les liens entre les premiers habitants de ce territoire, ses habitants plus récents et les visiteurs étrangers.

Les Autochtones ont connu de grands bouleversements au cours des derniers siècles. De la tradition à la modernité, des Réserves aux grandes villes, les cultures, les identités personnelles et les modes de vie sont complexes, fluides, en évolution constante et fascinants. La richesse des expériences possibles se retrouve dans la diversité des options offertes. Part 2! Part 1! Did the kids have a hard time getting going this Monday morning? Imagine how hard it will be after they had a week long break!

Instead of letting them get off routine send them to us for our first-ever fall summer camp. They'll be jumping up in the mornings to come hang with the horses! Only 2 spots left! Remainder do first day of camp. In 10 days most of our area will be on a week long fall break. Are you ready? Your child may have just gotten used to a school routine don't let it go to waste. Sign them up for fun and educational horseback riding fall camp!

Keep them on schedule while offering them an experience of a lifetime. It's cheaper than a babysitter and they will be learning! Did hear about the cooler weather this morning? We are so excited about it that we are going to do our best special ever buy one get one free trail ride!

That's our best deal ever! This Saturday September 21 only! Ages 8 and up. We still have a few spots open for our first ever Fall Horseback Riding Camp! Oct 7thth 8am to 2pm! Keep your kids on a schedule while they have their fall break. They will learn about horses and farm animals while having fun! Act fast!

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We would like to say a huge congratulations to Caroline Stevens and Casanova Senorita aka Rita on their success at the state show! They went up it get some huge classes with very tough competition and managed to walk away placing in everything they rode in! They received 2nd, 4th, 8th and 10th place. It was a long hard weekend but team work won out. Great job everyone! We are pleased to announce our first ever fall break camp! This will be just like our summer camps! It's October 7thth!

Only open to 8 riders so please sign up fast! All three of our summer camps filled up in two days this year so don't wait.

We had our first show of the season and awards from last season given out today. Caroline walked away with some nice trophies, and three 1st places, three 2nds, and a third at today's show! So for the delay! We did yesterday for the filly's name! You also get a free trail ride for 2! We had almost 16 names entered which help us continue help this little sunshine and other! Thank you all!

Update on the little rescue! She is learning to lead and be groomed. Starting to get a little more comfortable but still shy. Her wounds are starting to heal. The picture of her back legs the first was the day we got her the second was this morning before morning cleaning and treatment.

It's not too late to get you name pick I'm for Friday's drawing! Remember the winner will also get a free trail ride for 2! Every bit counts. Tag your friends and share! Thank to everyone that has entered the name drawing! We have some fun names coming in! It's not to late to enter! Pretty little girl is starting to trust a little more and of coarse having food doesn't hurt either! We have a halter on her and have been able to treat her wounds.

She got a good grooming and we where able to get her auction tag off of her.