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Donc, si vous envisagez gagner la Coupe du Monde de Cross-Country, les Tags: SherpaOverlandBikepackingAdventure Nos vélos de XC, en deux mots? Vitesse et efficacité. Les riders qui attaquent les virages comme les sections techniques et les montées épiques en sentiers aimeront nos vélos de trail pour leur polyvalence et leur performance, peu importe le terrain.

Nouvelle Nous vous présentons le Sherpa de Rocky Mountain. Rejoignez notre Communauté. Rejoignez notre Rocky Mountain Infolettre. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Nos vélos. XC Nos vélos de XC, en deux mots? Trail Les riders qui attaquent les virages comme les sections techniques et les montées épiques en sentiers aimeront nos vélos de trail pour leur polyvalence et leur performance, peu importe le terrain.

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Backcountry skis are the tool of choice for moving around the mountains for much of the year. Sadly, this season let me and many other backcountry skiers down. Record-breaking warm temps and low precipitation meant for a low-powder, low-excitement ski season for all but the most motivated.

When that awkward time of the season arrived in late May, when there's still snow in the alpine, but too much bush between there and the trailhead to encourage much skiing, I hadn't had my fill. Rather than turning my attention downward to the prime riding season underway near sea level, I had the novel idea to just go ride on snow. Knut is a man who enjoys novelty.

He was evidently prepared to overlook the probable outcome — that we'd bushwhack several kilometres with bikes before pushing them a short ways through knee-deep slush — when we came up with a half-baked plan to attempt a ski tour without skis.

After a long drive to the South Chilcotins, our first day of riding met all of our expectations — bushwhacking, bike pushing, bike carrying, and post-holing in slush. We weren't riding the trails that have made this corner of the Coast Mountains famous.

No, those were already, almost entirely snow-free and ready for conventional tire sizes. Instead, we followed a forgotten horse trail up Slim Creek, aiming for a snow-covered alpine plateau west of there, and the mellow glaciers beyond. By mid-afternoon we'd climbed above the trees and any sign of a trail. It was immediately clear that we could not ride on the rapidly melting snow.

We relaxed at an early camp, and set alarms for AM with low expectations. At 2AM, we rode away under a bright moon on a firm, frozen crust. We'd been hoping for this, but were surprised enough by the easy riding that we made the mistake of stopping for a protracted breakfast before the sun was even up. We wouldn't take full advantage of the crust, which didn't form reliably until after 1AM, and lasted only until 7AM, until the following night.

We'd chosen the expansive alpine area at the headwaters of Slim Creek and the Taseko and Lord Rivers for its relative flatness. While I suspected that we could ride down steep slopes, and that our climbing would depend more on our lungs than on tire traction, I was not expecting much success on side-hills. Yet, as we rattled over kilometers of sun-cupped snow, tires aired-down to a few PSI, we held our elevation tightly around the side of valleys, traversing up to twenty degree slopes.

A world of possibility unfolded. If you're motivated by speed, fat bikes are not the best tool. But progression is not all stop watches and slow-mo whirligiging. I ride because of wanderlust.

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George W. The bicycle is the best agent of liberation. I measure my riding with breadth of my mental map. Our faint tracks on the pre-dawn crust become lines on crinkled pages of my cerebral atlas. I've found there to be an inverse correlation with the number of things I have to think about, and the richness of an experience.

Too often, gadgets rob us of real living. Nevertheless, it seems that something as wholly material as tire width has a direct effect on the potential to expand my known universe. That's what fat bikes are all about — potential.

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Not only are there new trails to be ridden, but places with no trails at all. Even slowly pedaling nowhere can be exciting. And has there ever been a bike at Griswold Pass? There's a reason no one brings a bike here! Our mere 90 kilometers covered over four days were not a failure at all, but rather an eye-opening proof of concept.

From our turn-around point at Griswold Pass, a gentle glacier climbed further west — a doorway to one of the world's most expansive sub-polar ice fields.

And the key to that door might be so simple: just ride at night. Skyler Des Roches is far from your average medium-adventurer, which you can observe from his blog and Instagram if this article didn't already point that out. Pour certains, l'aventure se définit par des expériences poignantes impliquant presque frôler la mort. Pour moi, avoir l'intention de partir à l'aventure est ce qui la définit, même si ce n'est que pour échapper à la civilisation pour un court laps de temps. Plus tôt ce printemps, c'est avec ça en tête que nous avons organisé un voyage dans le Désert de Sonoran en Arizona pour notre randonnée, afin de parcourir du chemin en vélo-camping.

Trois journées complètement autonomes sur les 80 miles de la singletrack isolée de la Black Canyon Trail. La soirée avant notre départ, nous nous sommes organisés un peu maladroitement avec notre équipement pendant des heures dans le stationnement d'un motel de Prescott. Emballer, déballer, réemballer, ajouter et mettre de côté.