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Cancel Send. Copy the HTML code here. Cancel OK. Get the Ride with GPS mobile app! I owned the Rogue for 7 years and for the first 5 I absolutely loved it.

El Rio Trail

Tremendous power, stable on the highway and super reliable. But over time I realized that I really wanted the features and comforts of a touring bike. I considered upgrading the bike, but even if I had added hard bags, a better seat, suspension upgrades and more, I would still be left with a cruiser.

The Rogue is an awesome bike and I loved the motor, but as time went on, the negatives outweighed the positives. I rode Deals Gap several times on the Dark Side and I can attest that the hysteria surrounding car tires is complete nonsense. A visual inspection of the tires proved that the tire never rode on the sidewalls and there are plenty of videos on the web that prove this as well.

Africando - Viens Danser Sur Le Son Africando

The only aspect of the Dark Side that I did not like was the tendency for the bike to track to the lowest spot in the road. Other than that, I see no drawback to the Dark Side. Everyone has their opinion — all I have to say is try it, you might like it.

Bike rides in florida 2014

Will I return to the Dark Side with the Goldwing? I rode to the 15th annual IBA year-end ride-in on the 30th. I set the alarm for and was pulling out of the driveway at am for the mile ride from Jacksonville. It was a straight shot, I the whole way.

Pompano Airpark Bike Trail

The first few hours were cold, dropping down to around 40 in the early hours of the morning. I stopped for breakfast in Tallahassee, took a brief 15 minute snooze, and continued on my way.

I got there around 11am and the place was packed. It was a bit different from the traditional SaddleSore rides. For this ride the route was predetermined, GPS coordinates were made available to the riders before the ride, a detailed log documenting all stops was not required and we were issued rally flags.

The overall theme was one of gator hunting. For the purpose of this ride, a crocodile and gator were considered one and the same! Skip to content. Florida — 11 Curves in Miles Posted on December 30, by admin.

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