All are, undoubtedly, grounds for success. Essential for Lapierre is the ability to innovate and to develop. At Lapierre, our constant, creative inspiration is the best way for us to move forward. We are always proud to introduce our customers to the combined results of years of research, development and field tests. To better ourselves year after year is not an easy task, yet, already proves to be exceptional.

A revolution developed by Lapierre and its Accell Group partners, ready to incite discussion and probably competition! To innovate is essential. It should, however, be combined with a desire to be integral to the history and evolution of riding through technological contributions. Ultimately, supported via collaboration with champions, such as Nicolas Vouilloz. Our industry partners strive for the same goals and we all share our expertise to improve ride quality and experience for everyone.

As the official partner of Les Gets, our athletes and bikes welcome the opportunity to test themselves in the rugged French Alps. Your enthusiasm and passion encourages us to explore new opportunities for MTB.

Jadis légion, les détracteurs du VTT tout suspendu ont heureusement disparus. Celui-ci demeure alors en position ouverte, ce qui peut nuire fortement aux performances, ou au pire en position fermée, ce qui devient inconfortable et peut en altérer le fonctionnement. Résultat : une composante essentielle de votre vélo reste largement sous-utilisée, vous obligeant à faire des compromis entre confort et performance.

Difficile à croire? Après 5 ans de développement et de mise au pointla mise sur le marché du concept e:i shock est un événement majeur pour tous les pilotes exigeants. Avec un VTT Lapierre équipé e:i shock, quel que soit le terrain rencontré, votre amortisseur est toujours dans la bonne position et son fonctionnement optimisé.

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Comment ça marche? Numerous in the past, critics of full-suspension have virtually disappeared. The only problem is that, whether you are negotiating technical trails, climbing maigrir rapidement calories rocky single track or racing through the forest, you need to adjust how your rear shock responds according to the terrain.

If the Lapierre technologies, such as FPS 2, OST or Pendbox prevent pedal kickback, some other models offer you more basic systems based on the rear shock adjustability, with 2 or 3 positions to choose according to the terrain.

Undeniably, it remains difficult for the rider to anticipate which shock position is best for the moment. While concentrating on direction, speed, fork set-up, effort and even nutrition, setting the rear shock easily becomes secondary and can be forgotten. The shock either remains open, which can be detrimental to your performance, or even worse, locked, which becomes uncomfortable and may limit its function. The result is that an essential part of your bike remains under-utilized and you are forced to choose between comfort and performance.

Lapierre creates the first intelligent suspension What if your MTB analyzed the terrain and chose the right shock position for you? Hard to believe? Well, Lapierre did it.

After 5 years of development and tests, the launch of e:i shock is a revolution for demanding riders. A Lapierre MTB, equipped with the e:i shock technology, means your rear shock is always in the right position and always functioning optimally. No more compromise! Maximum reactivity : The entire process takes. Thanks to this, you keep your focus on your riding and your bike is performing optimally. How does it work? The e:i shock display has the same functions as a bike computer speed, chrono, distance, average speed, current speed… and shows your cadence, the battery reserve full charge: 25 hours as well as the current position of the shock.

The e:i shock system, aesthetic and compact, only weighs gr. Une tâche aussi passionnante que complexe.

Our brand ambassador for over 10 years, Nicolas E. Thanks to his unique record of achievements, Nico has a keen sense of excellence that is critical in our drive to create new products. Growing up in Nice, France, Nico was into all types of riding: Freestyle, Road, Motocross, Trials bikes… Then, inchallenged by one of his school friends, he took part in his first DH competition — only to win it!

He was then only 14, and at the dawn of a terrific career. A real feat, considering the typical race hazards such as crashes, injuries and mechanical failures.

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His achievements are impressive : 10x World Champion between and including 3 victories as a Junior. He also won 5 World Cups, 3 European Championships, and numerous national races, and remains one of the most rewarded French athletes. Same challenge. Inlooking for a change, Nico tried Rally cars and liked it.

Sur 2 ou 4 roues, même combat. However, MTB remains his favorite sport, and Nicolas has dedicated the past few years to Marathon DH and Enduro races, winning most of them and pushing his Spicy to the limits.

Frontier city ride heights où il collectionne les podiums et teste impitoyablement les limites de son Spicy. Mais son perfectionnisme ne se limite pas aux modèles Enduro. Nicolas teste et participe à la mise au point de chaque modèle Lapierre, de la gamme Raid au DH team, lequel requiert toute son savoir-faire et son art inégalé du pilotage.

Higher, faster, more technical and just a little bit closer to the edge Depuis, le champion de France Junior a pris son envol et a fait une entrée remarquée dans le Top 5 mondial sur les manches de coupe du Monde. Un renfort de poids pour nos 3 autres pilotes, dont la fougue est plus que jamais présente : Sam Blenkinshop, la bombe néozélandaise 3e du Championnat du Mondele jeune surdoué Patrick Thome et Cameron Cole 2eme de la Coupe du Monde de Fort Williamqui réalise une superbe saison en terminant régulièrement dans le top 5 en Coupe du Monde.

Equipped with the praised Pendbox technology, for it gets further upgrades to its performance. Nicolas brought Loïc Bruni to the team in Since then, the French Junior Champion continues to rise, and claimed his first WC podium with a fantastic 5th place in Windham Ne quittez pas. With solid results in the World Cup, the easy option would have been to sit back and bask in the glow of success.

They are constantly striving for improvement. The new Lapierre DH V2, equipped with revolutionary Pendbox technology, has taken another technological leap forward: new, more compact geometry now available in 3 sizes, Supreme 6 frame, carbon rear triangle, integrated cable routing, integrated custom Lapierre seat clamp, new suspension kinematics with mm travel for more efficiency, oversized bottom bracket for more stability… and even more bullet-proof components : Super-oversize Easton stem and handlebar, SDG saddle, SRAM transmission … only the best.

Popping up this summer in bike parks and mountain resorts, the Froggy has been revamped with a more aggressive geometry. Great for the bike parks or even on the DH racetracks, with its OST mm alloy frame, larger seatstays and tapered guy rides scooter on highway. Entré avec succès dans la grande famille Lapierre enle Rapt a conquis la communauté street et les aficionados des champs de bosses.

Monté avec dérailleur ou en single speed, le Rapt séduit par son look ultime et épuré, son cadre très élaboré et son équipement de haut niveau. Successfully introduced inthe Rapt is already notorious in the street and dirt jump community. Rapt models give you a range of action limited only to your imagination and the laws of gravity.

Available with a derailleur or in single speed, the Rapt has clean lines, a sturdy frame, and reliable components. Four models one dedicated purely to street riding for all desires and budgets. Vous avez aimé le Spicy versionvous allez adorer la version ! If you liked the Spicy, you will love the model! OST est disponible sur les Froggy mm.

Elle a forgé le succès des modèles Zesty, Spicy et Froggy. Une architecture de cadre plus simple pour les vélos à grand débattement et un gain de poids substantiel. Une nouvelle géométrie pour Zesty et Spicy privilégiant un comportement hors pair : Un angle de selle optimisé Des bases rallongées Un boîtier de pédalier plus bas pour plus de stabilité.

Fixation du dérailleur avant sur le bras avec point de pivot au dessus de la boîte permettant une plus grande efficacité du changement de vitesse. New suspension design. The equilibrium point considers rider weight, and each pedal stroke brings the rear swing arm back to that equilibrium point, thereby eliminating any pedal bob. Any force created by pedal feedback is countered by pedalling: the tension created in the chain by a pedal stroke brings the swing arm back to its equilibrium point.

The suspension remains active and ready to absorb any hits. With correct rear shock adjustment simple to do, thanks to the user-friendly sag guidethe efficiency and performance are optimal. Result: extremely versatile mountain bikes that are efficient and lightweight.

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A simplified frame structure for lightweight, longer-travel bikes. Attaching the front derailleur on the swing arm with the pivot point above the bottom bracket provides better efficiency when changing speeds. When MTBs are ridden as intended — for mountain biking — they need to be versatile : rip technical trails in total confidence, challenge that next big drop, fly up… and down the steepest, gnarliest runs.

Inthe new Zesty gets bold and expresses its playful side in descents. The bike gets a new geometry: a shorter seat tube assists in use of dropper post, longer chainstays, stiffer bottom bracket and head tube for increased versatility and to maximize the ride. Other improvements include a 12x thru-axle, mm Fork and components designed to take on the entire mountain: mm handlebar, Schwalbe Nobby Nic tyres, mm Formula brakes… From technical Marathons to your Enduro debut, you can do almost everything with your Zesty.

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Let it rip! This is a no compromise MTB. Le VTT de Trail par excellence, qui se distingue par une qualité de pédalage sans égale sur ce segment. Inthe X-Flow geometry has been tweaked to provide more versatility, efficiency, and riding enjoyment thanks to a longer cockpit, a mm fork, 12x thru- axle, and better rider positioning shorter stem and mm handlebar. The trail MTB par excellence, with incomparable pedaling efficiency. Le petit boîtier qui change tout Lancée avec succès en sur la gamme DH, la nouvelle technologie Pendbox by Lapierre est considérée par la presse spécialisée comme une véritable révolution des systèmes de suspension arrière.

Tout fonctionne de manière complémentaire, mais indépendante, sans aucune tension parasite. With its amazing pedaling capabilities, the Pendbox system was destined to be adapted to less travel for XC endurance and trail riding Isolating pedaling efficiency and shock absorption for improved performance.

In other words, how do you separate pedaling efficiency and shock absorption for improved performance? This movement eliminates pedal bob without impacting the suspension efficiency.

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The birth of the best mountain biking destination in Scandinavia: Trysil Bike Arena. Haute-Maurienne, France. Complete modernisation of an MTB offering in a large alpine valley. Méribel, France. Project management and development of a high-quality MTB facilities. Grenoble, France. Setting up a fun course in the city centre for an event. Megève, France. Construction of a compact pumptrack in the heart of the village.

Construction of a pumptrack opposite Mont Blanc. Development of an old former train station. Study and creation of a family downhill MTB area. Project management for the implementation of a fun mountain bike offering in the Jura.