He gave me many, many hours of great listening. We will always remember you and your place in Bulldawg Lore. Larry Munson the legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs. What a blessing it has beeen for many years to hear him announce the games. I have been a bulldog fan all of my life and as a young boy I grew up on a farm and would listen to you on the truck radio as I would take a break from working in the fields or the tractor and feel like I was sitting on the front row of Sanford stadium.

I was in my forties before I ever got a chance to attend a game and it was just like you would say on Saturday,s about getting the picture. I was honored about 4 years ago to meet him at the Gala and have my picture with him which is proudly displayed in my living room. Larry you may be gone but you will never be forgotten. May God bless your family and the bulldog nation in this time of sorrow. My memories of Larry began as a child of 5 or 6 years old and continued through nearly every football Saturday since.

I like the entire bulldawg nation have been blessed to be able to hear you for so many years. Hunker down up there! At the end of each life is a legacy of love. My deepest condolences to the family and friends. As the days and weeks pass and as you return to life routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of God, family and friend James Draw close to God and he will draw close to you. Larry your call on Hershel when he ran over the tackle was one of the best call ever.

Prayer goes out for all family and rest in peace. I feel as though a part of me has died. He will forever be remembered. He was the "Voice of Georgia Bulldogs! I miss him! My earliest memories of Georgia football all involve listening to Larry painting a picture of the game for me with his voice. I won't go into how we used to turn the sound on the television down so we could listen to the radio call, since every good Dawg fan did that, but I can remember being at the games as a kid and seeing so many people with their huge it was in the early 80's headsets on and wishing I had one too so I could hear him call the game.

As an adult, I never went to a game without having a radio of my own to hear him. Larry Munson was as important to me as the game itself. I will always be a Dawg fan, but a part of the game for me will be forever gone.

There will never be another Larry Munson. God bless you, your family, and the Dawg nation. God Bless you Mr.

My childhood was filled with the dread of facing such superior opponents game after game. I will always treasure your gravelly voice and the picture you painted. Hunker Down in Heaven. You deserve it. Not just the voice of Georgia football he was Georgia football. I started getting texts and emails late Sunday night saying Larry Munson had died. I never realized I talked so much about the joy Larry gave me from being a child in to a middle age adult in My dad shared Larry with me and I shared him with my son.

We all mourn him but cherish his memory. My whole family are Georgia Bulldogs. Sorry I never got a chance to meet you in person. My favorite call involved my favorite football player of all-time: Kevin Butler, who beat caries room least favorite football team of all-time: Clemson.

Your call of that lengthy field goal will stay with my forever. Your pictures and phrases are in my house and even though I was young when you were an annoucer, I still remember you as a legend. My deepest condolences to the Munson family, Mr.

Munson's friends and the entire Bulldawg Nation. Like many of y'all, to me, Larry Munson was the Georgia Bulldogs. I grew up listening to him and will forever remember him. He said what I was thinking and feeling. Thank you Mr. Friends and family I am so very sorry for your lost My condolences to Larry's family. My heart and prayers go out to you and hope the joy and memories made throughout his life will ease the pain of his passing. Thank you for sharing Larry with us the Bulldawg Nation all these years, as he led us on many a memorable day, urging our teams to "hunker down" and celebrating the "sugar falling out of the sky.

I heard him call games long before I saw the them in person, he didn't let me down. The excitement and color was there just as he had described them. I "got the picture. God speed and God bless. I spent all my life in the small town of Cairo. I loved. Ga football all my life and have seen more games through Mr Munson's eyes than my own.

My Dad was a Tech fan all his life. Because of that I was kinda on the fence with my loyality. But after Larry began annoucing in the 60's, his voice and enthusiasm made me a die hard Dawg fan and now I bleed red and black. Thank you Larry I heard evryone of your famous calls. Even when Georgia was on tv i would turn down the volumn and listen to Larry on the radio.

I know you are now on some lake up in heaven pulling in trout with an eye on the game Thanks for the memories Mr. That game was the first I herd Larry Munson and for the next 26 years I turned down the volume on the tv and listened. We love you Larry RIP. Munson, You were the reason so many of us chose Georgia for our college education.

The scene you painted with your magical words made us all want to be a part of that forever. I hope you are fishing in heaven now.

We will never have another Larry Munson! Thanks for all the memories Larry, you were the best. God speed to you and prayers to your family from the whole bulldog nation. There's only one Larry in Georgia football and that's the great Munson. His huge heart was with the Dawgs and it showed. He kept us all "fired up"! We just crushed their face!! Larry Munson and Lewis Grizzard now together - what a "heavenly Bulldawg sight" Thank you kind sir for all the wonderful gifts you gave us all.

God Bless You and Yours. God bless you. I can remember tailgating at a car wash at five points in Athens. We would fire up the grill and Larry Munson would blast from the radios of everyone around. Some of the best times of my life were narrated by you Mr. God bless you sir. Larry was definitely a person whom you would never forget. If you dared to turn up the TV, she would hide the button on the TV so it could not be heard. As someone said the other day, when you went to a ballgame, about 90 percent of the people sitting next to you would have ear phones on, listening to Larry.

He will never be replaced. Rest in peace and may God watch over you family as they go through this time of sorrow. Georgia-Tennessee, I was on St. Simons Island listening with my dad. I honestly started sweating and shaking when Herschel came in. He made you feel like you were right there on the field watching the action. Munson for the wounderfull memorries you gave us over your life.

What a sad day. Having attended my first UGA game at age 6 and am now in my 50's, Larry Munson has been a part of my Bulldog experience my whole life. He made the games so real even when I couldn't be there. I will miss you so much. Thanks for all you did for the Bulldog Nation. I have always had a great memory Of Larry Munson but only for hearing his play-by-play of the Nashville Vols baseball game when I was a kid.

He made "Holsum" bread sound so good, I'd eat a slice or two without anything else. Not alot of football on T. Thank God Larry Munson was the icon of broadcasting in describing the action. Hudson Avondale Estates, GA. Larry Munson had the ability to make Georgia Football and all who had the opportunity to play "Between the Hedges" seem larger than life. Thanks Larry! I loved sitting in the stands with my headset, binoculars and listening to Larry.

You felt like you were sitting right next to him. I was a senior at UGA and at the game my senior year in when the Appleby to Washington play happend. From then on I never missed Larry. God bless the Munson family for sharing Larry with the Bulldawg Nation avis creme anti ride dior these years.

It was his voice on the radio that turned me into a Georgia fan at about age There will never be anouther like Larry,God bless the family and the Bulldog nation. Even if you didn't like the Dawgs you had to love Munson. He was what every sports announcer strives to be because he was a Fan first and an announcer second. May God Bless his family and give them comfort. Nobody could bring a sporting event to life with words as he could.

I never had the chance to augmentation mammaire prix jdd 2014 him but dreaded the day he'd pass for yrs. He will be greatly missed but will live forever in the hearts of dawg fans and college football everywhere forever.

His name will forever be part of Georgia football just as Dooley and Walker are. My family's prayers will be with the Munson family. To the Munson Family: I just wanted to say how very sorry iam over the loss of Mr. Larry Munson, your loved one. I'll always have the memories of hearing his broadcast of the UGA football games ever since i was a little girl growing up in my hometown of Athens Ga.

Munson is a inspiration to us all and he will be dearly missed by us all too. To Larry's family, please know that he brought joy and passion to all of our lives.

I grew up listening to Larry 40 years ago in a car on south Georgia dirt roads. There have been many good announcers in athletics, but there has never been and never will be another Larry Munson. May he rest in peace.

Long live his memory and spirit! The Bulldawg Nation will miss Larry. Forty-three years is a long time to be committed to a team. He will not be forgotten. May the Munson Family be comforted during this time by the God of tender mercies Psalm Please accept my sincerest condolences.

Larry, you were a great guy. I really enjoyed the many years you and I worked together at WSM doing the outdoor show. Fishing, Hunting, and Sports Even as a Gator fan i would listen to Georgia games just to hear Larry Munson. He was a great one. Our hearts go out to the Munson family during this difficult time. We will keep you in our prayers. I do feel sad for all of those future fans who will never have the opportunity to listen to Larry calling a game.

He will be sorely missed by the Bulldawg Nation. RIP Larry, you were loved by many. God Bless the Munson family and the entire Bulldog nation. Thoughts and Prayers are with you. May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

RIP Larry. The Bulldawg Nation will miss you terribly. You are and always will be a DGD. His voice is one of the fond memories of my childhood.

My grandfather listening to the Nashville Vols games with the play-by-play delivered by Mr. RIP Mr Munson. Georgia Football lost it's biggest fan! Oh how I miss his game calling-Munson made you feel as though you were at the game while listening on the radio. Let's win it all this year in honor of Munson-who kept us in the know for many, many years!!!

Thank-you sir-your legacy will hold a amaigrissement homéopathie zenalia place in my heart forever! To the Munson family: All of us have you in our prayers. Larry is with God now as we all hope to be when God calls us home. Larry was a gift from God to Bulldog Nation. Say hello to "Pappa" Dr. Ceasar Iglesias who is in heaven with Larry sharing memories. He did not know me and I did not know him, BUT, I use to listen to him on the radio whevever it was possible.

He was so funny, I could listen to him all day. He will be missed down here, but look out heaven, he will be a blessing up there. May GOD bless the whole family and keep on talking about all the memories. Thank you Larry. You are a True Bulldog! The Bulldog Nation will miss you but we will never forget you or those two simple words-Go Dogs! How lucky and honored to have been able to listen to Larry Muson for 4 decades His passion and love for the University of Georgia has been so very unique and special I have been spoiled as well as lots of Bulldog fans Today has been quite emotional for me as well as so many others There will never be another like Larry Munson and we Georgia fans have been so very fortunate to have had him as a vital part of the Univeristy of Georgia.

Bulldog Country has lost not only a friend but a college football icon. This one is for you Mr. Go0o Dawgs!! What a blessing it was to grow up in the "Dawg Nation" listening to one of the greatest voices ever of college football! Now my son wakes up to your voice every morning on his UGA radio!

Thanks for the memories, Larry!! Larry, Thank you for more memories than you can possibly imagine. As a kid, I could never figure out why my dad listened to his radio during a live football game, or why he always had to turn the TV down and the radio up for an away game. As an adult, I can't imagine not doing those things, for now I know why. Thanks Larry, for more memories than you can possibly imagine! What's adequate to express proper, respectful, appreciation to a man for so many hours of enjoyment?

Munson had a gift - one he freely shared with anyone with a radio. In most ways he was a throwback to a different radio age when anouncers painted a picture of live events.

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He as an artist in his element and we were blessed to have heard such a voice. It will doubtless live on. Thank you for giving your heart to us. I remember the railroad tracks at Sanford Stadium. I met Larry at the Ga Square Mall right before he said that he was going to retire and had my picture made with him. Donald Teasley, Hartwell, Ga. I will miss him so much. The Dawgs won't be the same. He is announcing in heaven now. Larry, You were one of a kind. The Dawg nation lost one of our best ever to represent UGA.

UGA Class of We will miss you! I loved listening to you paint the picture in a way like no one else can! You have gone to the great Dawg pound in the sky! Thanks Mr. Munson, you were undeniably the greatest fan of UGA that has ever graced the hallowed grounds between the hedges.

You will forever be remembered as The Voice of the heart of every true Georgia Fan. So while you sit in that great press box in the sky and call every Georgia game, as only you can. All Dawg Nation knows, God called you home because he needed to have you in His booth. So He would have the best there ever was at describing the scene, sitting with his 8 white bulldawgs and bald headed coach. We loved you Larry, maybe as much as you loved the Dawgs.

Like so many I grew up listening to Munson "Paint the picture". Alot of times I would think we didn't have a chance after hearing him talk about how much bigger, stronger or faster the other team was but his passionate calls of the game always made the victory that much sweeter.

I would like to say thank you to his family for allowing us to share in the memories of him. May God comfort you as only he can in your time of grief. So long my friend football Saturdays in Bulldawg Nation won't be the same without you.

A very special Man Your broadcasts were just magic,and will live on forever! May you rest in Peach Larry Munson,,you made our days with the Georgia Bulldogs the greatest days ever I consider it to be one of the greatest blessings of my life; to have had the opportunity to hear Larry call a UGA football game. What a work of art. Wow, boy do we love that amazing voice and unbelievable direction of words.

All Dog fans love you!!!

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Scott, please always respect the traditions as you do! Larry, You will always have a large part of my heart! I listened to Larry Munson since a child.

Even grown I would watch the game on TV and listen to Larry on the radio There will only be one Larry Munson, and the Bulldawg Nation is all the better for having him as its voice for so many years. Rest in Peace You have and will be missed Growing up my family and I use to watch the game, that but listen to larry.

He had that voice, he made you feel like you were in the game. I have missed that since the 07 season. We are saddened at the loss of one of Georgia's greatest Legacies. God Bless you and your family. Too bad they don't have cameras in the broadcast booth Thanks for giving the Bulldawg nation "the picture" Larry. You're the best ever Our deepest sympathy to all of the Munson family.

Doug and Cathy Bennett Roswell, Georgia. Much love to your family, for sharing you with us, for all these years. Rest in peace, Ole Dawg! May all your mornings in heaven be greeted with sunshine and may the fish always be biting. There will botox avant apres rupture bail be another like Munson with his spontaneous comments, so much excitement in his voice you could picture him out of his seat so as not to miss a single detail!

What a Legacy for UGAyou will surely be missed! A beautiful Treasure here on Earth has ended his journey to Heaven God needed a "quick thinker" in his Cluster. Larry enjoy yourself We love and will miss you greatly. Thanks for the many wonderful years of broadcasting the Dawgs. You are greatly missed. RIP Larry! Crisp Saturday mornings with a slight breeze and it mattered not if the dawgs were playing on TV. It was time to hear Larry begin by explaining what "britches" the dawgs were wearing.

When they were not on TV it was as if you could feel the crowd and see the colors as vivid as if they were on the tube anyway. You will truely be a legend for all time. RIP and God Bless your family.

Thank you for giving your voice to the Dawg nation all these years. But it is nice to know you are looking down on us and cheering us on, you and your friend old Lewis. May you continue to smile on us from above and to your family, may God keep them in His care. There may be other announcers for UGA, but there will never be another "Munson". It was always the thing to turn the so called announcers on tv off and listen to a real announcer on the radio.

So many of the games with fantastic highlights I was at, such as the Lindsey Scott run, the Tennessee win, the Butler field goal kick. He will forever be in my heart as the best "Dawg" announcer ever. Had the pleasure of meeting him and definetly was not disappointed. Love you Larry Munson!! No words can soothe your pain. Trust in god and know that he is with Larry now. Thank you for sharing that amazing man with the rest of us.

He truly was a gift to us all. I bet he's shootin birds or chassin crappie right now. From my Family to his we love and will miss you Mr Munson you are and always will be the voice of the Dawgs. In memory of Larry, the voice of the Dawgs. May you rest in peace. I know there are lots of Dawg fans with you keeping you company, my grandfather being one!

We will miss you Georgia Bulldawg radio will never be the same! Larry, God bless your family and the Bulldawg nation. As a little boy growing up in Dalton, GA in the late 80's, one thing that stands out was staying with my Nana on the weekends.

Every Sarurday, we would turn the t. Down and listen to Mr. Munson call the games. Over the years I looked forward to the games and often caught myself turning the t. Down and crankin up the radio. My first year at UGA I never went inside the stadium for a game, I sat on the tracks and listened to Larry, the next year I did go inside but still listened to Larry. In later years when I was lucky enough to have season tickets for a few years, we always listened to Larry.

He was "the Voice of the Bulldawgs" and there will never be another for me. RIP Larry and know your family is in my prayers. The Dawg nation mourns the passing of a legend, as much a part of U.

Larry, you will be missed. Thank you Larry for all of the wonderful memories of the games you called and brought to life. Like so many I always turned down the television and turned you up! May your life with Jesus be glorious! It used to be that you watched the Bulldogs on TV, but listened to Larry's commentary. I couldn't stand to hear anyone else describe the game. He made even the smallest things sound so exciting.

He described things so well that you felt like you were sitting in the stadium, from the description of the crowd, the uniforms, the weather, every little detail. I was at work when we won the SEC against Auburn and Larry was talking about the "sugar falling from the sky" and I was jumping up and down, just like I was in the stadium with the rest of the Bulldog Nation.

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There will never be another like him. Now he's up in heaven swapping bulldog stories with Lewis Grizzard. You know they're having a grand old time. We'll miss you. Thank you so much Larry. You truly were the voice of the dogs. I feel sorry for all the TV broadcaster's who announced the same time as you.

Any true fan has memories of muting the TV to listen to you. So again thanks. My heart goes out to all who knew and loved Larry. Georgia football has not been the same since he quit calling the games, he was truly something special! You were the best play by play man I've ever heard. Larry the nation will miss you dearly. God got a great p. Man to due the games up in heaven. My best memories of Ga football was listening to Larry Munson, he was the star of the show Nobody in this world can do what he done for the team.

He loved his Ga Bulldogs and the Bulldog fans will always carry the memories he made. God Bless the family! Larry Munson was a major part of my Saturdays. There is only one Larry Munson and he will truly be missed.

He is looking down on the Dawg Nation and making his announcements now in a much better place. God bless you Mr. My prayers to your family. Thanks for being the voice of dawgs for so many years, great job. We will certainly miss you. This is a sad event. What a very good and caring man. When we lose a person like Mr. Muson we lose a piece of Americana. We live in Cincinnati, I use to drive around the country side here just to listen to out of Atlanta, in order to be able to listen to Larry broadcasting the games.

I could only pick up in my car. In all honesty I can still bring to mind his distinctive voice. I thank Larry for his craft and Intergrity. Wishing Gods continued blessings for your family.

To the heart and soul of the Dawgnation, My fondest memories of UGA football will always include you. Trust me, the last place a yr-old girl wants to be on a Saturday is at an auto parts store! However, tuning in to WSB to hear you call the UGA games with my dad on those Saturday afternoons are priceless memories that I will treasure forever!

You truly were one of "us" and connected an emotional level that will remain unmatched! Thanks to your sweet family for sharing you with all of us who felt like we "knew" you.

You will hold a special place in our hearts forever! I want to add my heartfelt condolences to Larry's family and close friends. We GA fans felt like he was our family, too, and grieve his loss as well. Having lost my husband a yr. Some of my best memories of Georgia Football were listening to Larry as I worked in my yard on a Saturday afternoon. I'm 57 years old and to this day I would rather listen than watch. I can remember just where I stood or stopped as he made the call.

I always felt as though I was there. He would say lets "get the picture" and he had me until the end. No one will ever do it as well.

He was just Larry. He never sugar coated the play by play. Best wishes to his family for all the memories. God bless you all. God Bless and may you rest in peace!! Jessica Long. I use to love to listento you on the radio and turn down the tv renforcer ses cheveux homme utilisation see what you would say next!

I used to turn my tv down just to listen to you on the radio when those dawgs played and just the excitement in your voice caused me to get just as excited.

Some of my fondest memorieshave been Larry Munson and the University of Georgia. My father Frank Story took me to Sanford Stadium as a young child and taught me the game of football. We would listen to games season after season enjoying Larry Munson. I have a very funny story to share. I had small children at the time so I hired a babysitter and went to my parents home to watch the game.

My husband and I were "saving money" hoping to go to the Sugar Bowl, which we did do. I was sipping on a few beers watching and as always listening to Munson. Georgia had a fairly good lead so my husband decided to go deer hunting. As we all know, Fla went ahead and punted the ball to the Georgia 8 yd.

I got soo upset that I got in the car and rode around the block. I just didn't want to hear or see the defeat. I got half way around the block and decided to turn Munson on. I only heard the crowd screaming and Munson saying he had broken his chair I immediately returned to the t. I remember as a little girl hearing your voice while my dad watched GA every Sat for college game day!!! Munson will be truley missed!!!!! I lost my father in March Some of my most cherished memories of time spent with my dad include Georgia Bulldog football on the TV, with the sound on mute, and Larry Munson on the radio.

While I still love the "Dawgs", it's just not the same with both my dad and Mr Munson gone. Thoughts and prayers for the Munson family, and Bulldog Nation. Thank you Larry for "giving us the picture" of the Tradition of Georgia football. The passion that you showed every game made my family into the Dawg fans we are today. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Go Dawgs! Our Dearest Bulldawg, my family have listened to you all our life. My sons moved out of town and would call me and have me lay the phone by the radio so they could listen to you. Your words will live in our hearts as long as we live. Judy Tenney Franks and Family. You will forever be in the hearts of Every Georgia fan. We Love You Larry! You made me love football and made it come alive regardless of whether you were there in person, listening to it on the radio, or watching it on tv.

Remember Larry from the Peabody motel for bowl game in 80's. Visting with the fans in the lobby just as another fan. Looking to me like John Wayne.

Larger than life. Miss you Mr. You will never be replaced as THE voice of the dawgs!

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Larry legend will always be remebered and revered across the country. We'll miss ya! We were blessed to have this man with that voice, and that unabashed enthusiasm for forty years. How many memories he painted in our mind's eye over the years. Rest well, Old Dawg. We miss you down here. Bulldawg Nation will love you forever!! God bless you larry and your family! Thanks for all the great Bulldog memories, Munson.

RIP to one of the greatest 'Dawgs. My prayers are with his family. Larry you will always be the "12th man" every time the Dawgs take the field. You will truly be missed by so many people. You will always be in the hearts of the whole Dawg Nation. Many prayers go out to the Munson family may god comfort you during this difficult time. We will miss you greatly!! Many Saturdays growing up listening to you paint the picture of DAWG games with the excitement and passion you added in your broadcasts!!

Larry, You painted pictures with words like no one else. No one else could make me leave the television during a Georgia game and get in the car and drive to listen to the call on the radio. I wanted to "see" the game as you described it more than see it on the screen.

Larry, you were and always will be the best!!! Those of us who love UGA football will always miss you!! At the age of 25 now, I grew up a kid raised from a strong Georgia background from Adel, Georgia!! You southern Georgians know were that is!!

I remember as a kid my father used to tell me of a man who spoke on the Radio that was so powerful he would make you tear up in excitement during his Football Games! I looked over at my Dad as a young boy and said, I wanted to know of this man and as he patted me on my Head, he said "Son" you will know of Larry Munson soon enough!!

Georgia Football wasn't the same when we left and it will never be to this day. RIP Larry, you made me a believer in Georgia even during the toughest times!! My son called from Athens to tell us of Larry's passing. I even thought after the game Saturday.

I felt certain that "Sugar was falling from the sky" when Larry Munson arrived in heaven!

Lawrence Harry Munson

Thank you to the Munson family for sharing him with UGA fans for so many years! There will never be another one like him! May God bless you all and comfort you in this time of sadness. May God hold you in his arms forever. We will miss you. You were and will always be my favorite "dawg". You will be truly missed. I will forever remember the game.

Love you always Larry Munson and Go Dawgs!! I first heard Larry doing the Braves when they came to Atlanta. Larry made the games come alive. A great announcer and Bulldog! You are missed. There will never be another like you Larry. Bless You! Thank you for the memories. I grew up listening to Larry Munson on the radio with the tv on mute!

Besides my dad he showed me what it meant to be a true "Dawg" fan in good times and bad! There will never be another one who could express himself in such a unique way. I remember one game when he said, "We've battered, broken and bewildered.

He'll never be forgotten. Do you think he and Lewis Grizzard are sharing stories now? Being raised in Georgia and being an avid Georgia Bulldog fan, there was not a game indication du regime sans sel utilisation Larry did not make us smile. He had a way with words and we know that you are at peace now. Our most sincerest condolences to your family at this time. We are so glad that you got to see us take the East again and may sugar fall all around you.

A Damn good dawg will be missed forever God Bless Your Family. I grew up listening to you on the radio Larry, you are a big part of why i love UGA football so much. God Bless. Your voice was loved by so many. I am very sad today, just as I was in when you announced your retirement, two very sad days for me May God bless you and your family We will love you and miss you forever I lived in Atlanta for 10 years during the '90s, and Larry is the reason I am a Bulldogs fan first and a Buckeyes fan second.

It wasn't a Fall weekend without hearing Larry do the Bulldogs play-by-play. God Blees You, Larry. God bless your family. I had to learn to love Larry's voice, and love I did after one season.

He will always be the "Voice" of the Dawgs. Rest in Peace Larry. I remember going a few times to the parties Larry used to throw before the first home game each year.

Great big party and Larry was always right there, unassuming, warm, and inquisitive about everyone that came by to see him. Rest In Peace Larry and we'll keep "hunkerin down" every time.

May the sugar fall again this year in memory of you!

You had a most admireable way game calling. Only you could have made it such a visual experience. We will miss you Larry. Steve Brackett, Augusta, Georgia. Rest in Peace, sir You were tremendous I associated Larry Munson and his delivery to all of baseball after many years of my youth listening to him broadcast the Nashville Volshe had you at the gamemay he rest in best cellulite machine for home. As a lifelong Georgia Bulldogs fan a typical Saturday in the fall would not be complete without turning on the game on the TV volume off and the radio on loud listening to Larry Munson call the game.

God needed an announcer to call his game-and picked the best. God bless you Larry. Go in peace. Larry, you gave it your all and it really showed! We all have a lifetime of incredible Bulldog memories because of your voice and passion. Thank you for all that you did in making the fans truly feel a part of the game! A major personality in my life has passed.

Every Saturday I would watch the Dawgs on tv with the sound muted so I could listen to Larry's play by play on the radio. There will never be another. The Greatest announcer to ever call a game. Thanks Larry for all the memories you gave us. The Bulldawg Nation will never forget you. You will be miss. Go Dawgs and this year is for you.

The Sugar will fall once again. His announcing was so unique and will forever be very missed by the Bulldog Nation. Thank you to his family for sharing him with us every Saturday in the fall. The greatest play by play man I ever heard. I remember growing up in Ga. His legacy will live for ever. Lived around the corner from Larry in Nashville-got the opportunity to know him better as a friend of Billy Gunn-I was able to do pest control for Larry for many years-He always came thru for me on special requests-He will be cherished forever-I will now make special requests to our Heavenly Father-I am sure Lewis Grizzard was waiting at the gate.

Love you Larry, Bruce Lauriault. My little radio that fit in my pocket and Larry Munson provided great entertainment though those years. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page.

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Voir les 11 avis. Quick fix paint and body. Grandma would be proud of her old car looking this good. It was a difficult quarter fender to repair but not for Jeremy.

Car look just like it did when it was new. Voir les 5 avis. Wet paint jobs!!!!! Voir les 2 avis. Best body shop in Fayetteville!! My cousin and her husband own it. Go there. You will not be disappointed! Pedro's Auto Body. We are a full service custom shop.